PU001741: Design and Prototyping

Limb Reaper DevLog

No Components Game Prototype


  • To create a game that was both fun and not complicated for players to understand
  • To implement a player vs player aspect to my concepts; similar to existing No Components Games
  • To achieve a competitive nature between players, to ensure investment from play testers

Development Process

  1. Research into existing No Components Games, e.g. Rock Paper Scissors, Viral Pointing game, Eye Spy, Charades, Hide and Seek, Arm Wrestling. Drawing inspiration to produce an original concept
  2. Playtest original rules with an opponent, taking feedback on board to design a new set of rules
  3. Playtest new rules with an opponent to experience game flow and duration


  • Players felt the original rules made the game too short, play testers advised giving players the opportunity to regain a lost limb
  • Players were confused by how to mirror their opponent using a limb they have lost
  • Confusion as to who was attacking or defending each round


This game was enjoyable for players, both players and spectators were invested and would cheer when a limb was guessed correctly. Regarding how to mirror an opponent when you have lost your own limb, implementing a pointing feature resolved this, as using eyes was not accurate enough. Also advising the attacker to count down from three prevented any confusion between rounds. 

Ideas to make this game for three players or more had been discussed, with a clear vision for future development and interesting concepts.

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