PU001741: Design and Prototyping

Bull in a China Shop DevLog

Avoid and Collect Game Prototype


  • Create an endless running game that gets more difficult over time
  • To give the player both health and scoring components, implementing an element of competitiveness
  • To randomly generate different patterns of obstacles and collectibles, to avoid and collect respectively

Development Process

  1. Contemplate the mechanics and different themes for this prototype, this includes finding Sprites for Game Objects
  2. Code Player Control, Obstacles and Collectibles to meet minimum requirements of the brief
  3. Create a Spawner game object via a C# script that generates obstacles to spawn in random patterns, and spawn progressively faster over time
  4. Implement a light health and scoring system to make the game competitive for players
  5. Polish game: by adding particle systems for aesthetic effect, and generate a script that destroys game objects once they leave the screen’s field of view, to prevent lag


  • Players felt that the game should start a lot more difficult than it does, whereas others felt it should get harder a lot faster than the code dictates it to
  • Some players felt that it was difficult to see certain objects, as most of the game objects are the colour brown
  • Players enjoyed competing to obtain the highest score


The endless runner genre was a big inspiration for this game, implementing a progressively difficult obstacle system was a key aim that I felt was met. Although players felt the difficulty could be more challenging at times, the game would eventually get to the difficulty they desired. Implementing a difficulty system via a UI Menu Screen, offering “Easy, Medium, Hard” would address this, tailoring the game to the skill level of each player.

Ideally, original sprites would have been used to make the space feel similar and vibrant, however, as this was a prototype, all sprites were imported from the internet.

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