PU001741: Design and Prototyping

12 Seconds to Poop DevLog

12 Second Unity Physics Game Prototype (Collaboration w/ Shijie Song)


  • To produce a game that would never exceed 12 seconds, win or lose
  • To build a simple control scheme due to the short duration of the game
  • For players to feel satisfied to continuously attempt to complete the game despite failure

Development Process

  1. Explore and draw up concepts: “Race Against Time”, “12 Seconds to Poop”
  2. Outline the different components necessary to build this game: a UI Start Menu; including instructions, a Timer, the Rotating Mechanism for the Maze
  3. Use C# script to build components, e.g. for aesthetics – fading start up screen
  4. Illustrate and import maze from Photoshop
  5. Add necessary physics components to game objects, e.g. Gravity Component


  • The ball would get stuck in certain pathways of the maze
  • Players had difficulty completing the game on their first go, constant trial and error between different maze routes made the game feel tedious
  • Players appreciated the concept of the game, finding it both clever and funny


A few bugs had arisen in the prototype, including the ball getting stuck or transported between walls. Revamping the rigid body components of the maze should amend these issues. Building a captivating game that only lasts for 12 seconds was difficult.

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